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How can I get planning permission when my planning application was refused?

Every application is different, what may look confusing to you might be quite obvious to our consultants. Contact us today and we will discuss your application with you in detail and how we can help you in gaining a consent either through the submission of another application or through the appeal process.


What is involved in an appeal against a refusal of planning permission?

If your planning permission is refused, you will receive information from your council on how to appeal. Appeals can be undertaken in three ways: by written representations, by a hearing or by public inquiry.  Most appeals are undertaken by the written representation method. Hearings and public inquiries are for more complicated cases. We can help you decide what method is best for you.  


Do all planning applications go to committee?

No, not all planning applications go to a committee. Most applications will be decided by a senior planning officer under what is called delegate powers.  If the application is called to committee it may be due to it being a large or complicated case or there has been a number of objections to the application.


How do I get planning permission to build a house on my land?

Planning permission is requesting consent from your local authority for a proposed building. The process for how to get planning permission should be set-out clearly on your local authority website. If you are feeling a little lost and you want your application to stand out, contact us today.


How do I know if my property is a listed building or in a conservation area?

A listed building is protected due to historic or special architectural interests. A conservation area is usually a part of a town or village that is protected because of its historical or architectural interest where development is strictly controlled.  You will need to check with your local authority to make sure your property isn’t listed or within a conservation area.


Do I need planning permission for a garage?

Garages, outhouses and green houses are normally classed as permitted development.  You may not need planning permission as long as the garage is of reasonable size, no higher than 4 meters and located at least 2m away from the boundary.  If you need more guidance check with your local authority.


How far can I extend without planning permission? 

In England, you can now extend your property up to 6 metres subject to prior approval for a terraced and semi detached house.   If your property is detached you can extend up to 8 metres, again subject to prior approval.   You can double check this with your local authority.

 Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

Solar panels normally come under the permitted development, so in most cases you do not need planning permission. You can confirm this with your local authority as it may be dependent on the property being residential or commercial.  


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