What we charge for our professional services is dependent on the scale and complexity of the project. Set out below are examples of the fees we charge for the various services we offer:

Assessment of development opportunities

  • Householder development and extensions - from £700
  • Residential development - from £1100.
  • Commercial development - from £1100
  • Listed Buildings - from £900
  • Advertisement  - from £600

* 1/3 of the fees above are deducted from our fees for resulting planning applications.

Planning and Consent Applications


  • Householder applications - from £960
  • Residential development applications - from £1500
  • Commercial applications - from £1500
  • Listed Building Consents - from £960
  • Advertisement Consents - from £900



Our fees for appeals depends on the complexity and the number of reasons for refusal. Please contact us to discuss.  In some cases, we may advise to submit another application in order to reduce the number of reasons for refusal. This would help a future appeal get approved.



Fees for dealing with enforcement matters are dependent on how complicated the cases are. Please contact us to discuss and we can give you an indication of the likely fees involved.

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